CorpComms Digi Awards 2017


Location: The Church of St Andrew, 5 St Andrew St, London EC4A 3AB


It's been a busy few months, we understand that. But never fear! We’ve listened to your panicked calls and extended the deadline to 23 June. There’s no extra charges. Entries are still £260+VAT.

Check out our new categories and enter today!



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To Enter

Please note that the key to success in any awards scheme is to set out clearly defined objectives and then provide evidence as to whether these were achieved. Engagement is the key metric now rather than the numbers of followers or Likes. With the exception of the best brand account, best websites (corporate and consumer) and best blog categories, the work submitted for judging must have been launched between 1 March 2016 and 30 April 2017. 

1. Complete the entry form online

Complete one form per entry, even if the same scheme is being entered in several categories. Please note: each entry incurs a separate fee, even if it is the same campaign being entered into multiple categories.

2. Executive summary: 500 words max

Summarise your campaign. This must be kept to 500 words. Some of the best campaigns we have seen in the past have been those with concise summaries which highlight their achievements.

It is advisable to include information under the following headings where relevant:

  • Objective / brief
  • Target audience
  • Strategy
  • Creativity / originality 
  • Implementation methods 
  • Definition and measurement of success
  • Outcome
  • Budget
    • Below £10,000
    • £10,000 - £25,000
    • £25,001 - £50,000
    • £50,001 - £75,000
    • £75,001 - £100,000
    • Over £100,001

Please note: the executive summary is the only part of an entry that the judges will view prior to the judging session.

3. Compile your supporting material 

Supporting material will be made available to the judges when they first meet. It should provide them with a better understanding of the entry, enabling them to appraise its winning credentials. 

Examples include: media coverage; data such as unique visitor numbers or retweets; media evaluation; sales figures; market share figures; links to relevant online materials.

We would prefer to receive links to video content rather than video files, as this avoids any issues with compatibility. Time is limited on judging day, so please indicate the best three minutes for viewing.

 4. Submit your entry

This submission acknowledges acceptance of the rules of entry. The entrant declares that the submission fits the eligibility requirements and all facts and figures provided are accurate to the best of their knowledge. To withdraw an entry, contact Hardy Media on 020 7359 3321 or before 16/06/2017.

Please note, refunds are not available on entry fees. By submitting this form, you have agreed to pay the corresponding fee.


Best digital campaign - small budget

View description
Campaigns with a budget of less than £25,000 that use multiple channels and media to deliver communications objectives.

Best digital campaign - medium budget

View description
Campaigns with a budget between £25,000 and £75,000 that use multiple channels and media to deliver communications objectives.

Best digital campaign - big budget

View description
Campaigns with a budget of more than £75,000 that use multiple channels and media to deliver communications objectives.

Best blog

View description
We are looking for a blog that relays an organisation’s stories and values in an engaging way.

Best use of enterprise social networking

View description
We're looking for organisations making use of enterprise social networks, like Yammer or Facebook at Work, to creatively engage employees.

Best use of digital media in internal communications

View description
A digital initiative for an internal audience that has achieved a specific outcome or a greater understanding of company values.

The Innovation Award

View description
An organisation that has really ‘thought outside the box’ in its use of social media, either internally or externally.

Best digital team

View description
Open to any team, whether in-house or part of an agency.

Best digital personality

View description
An outstanding individual in the marketplace, who has earned the respect of colleagues, clients and peers, for their work.

Best influencer or outreach campaign

View description
Campaigns that use influencers to reach key customers

Best corporate website

View description
Websites that help organisations communicate effectively with all their stakeholder audiences

Best consumer website

View description
Websites that deliver a brand experience for consumers by providing engaging content and opportunities for interaction

Best use of video

View description
Campaigns that rely on video for impact, whether this is live video, an animated cartoon or broadcast quality film.

Best use of imagery

View description
We are looking for creative uses of still images, including emoticons, on any platform, including Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest

Best brand account

View description
From corporate social media to alumni and graduate recruitment accounts, we are looking for brands that creatively engage with stakeholders

Best user-generated content - external

View description
We are looking for innovative ways that brands use user-generated content in their own marketing activities

Best user-generated content - internal

View description
We are looking for innovative ways that organisations use employee-generated content to engage colleagues


Entries: £260 + VAT (£312)

Entries from not-for-profit organisations: £180 + VAT (£216)


All entries are judged by a panel of digital experts and in-house communicators. Judges are not precluded from entering the Digis, but will be restricted from any consideration of their entries.