Will robots take over communications?

Few roles are immune in a world of artificial intelligence

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Kantar Media Exchange

Tackling the challenge of fake news

A breakfast panel discussion on the challenge of fake news

Professional development

Meet Charlotte Fiander, head of comms, NFWI

Charlotte Beugge learns about jam, Jerusalem and campaigning members

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Helen Dunne

Something for the weekend? 13 phrases to p*** off your client https://t.co/7aw9VeZr56. (Don't mention fees!)

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Helen Dunne

Find out how TSB uses social media platforms for different audiences. 6 questions answered by head of social @b1an. https://t.co/7TX9tDz9xE

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CorpComms DigiAwards

Last year at the #DigiAwards, @AnglianWater won the Grand Prix - could you be next? Get inspired here:… https://t.co/fVYn5n37Mk

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Helen Dunne

RT @helendeverell: 'Pawternity' leave and wedding contributions - the unusual staff benefits engaging employees... https://t.co/fWiJrOTkgK



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I cannot think of a single instance in my career when a decision to engage has not made things better in the long run
Matt Peacock, group director of corporate affairs, Vodafone

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