Will robots take over communications?

Few roles are immune in a world of artificial intelligence

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What's life like down under?

Caoimhe Buckley explains how life works for a communications professional on the other side of the world

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How the Church of England is extending its congregation

The Church of England is revamping its social media strategy and website

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Helen Dunne

RT @DavidJ_Morris: With #3DPrinting, It’s Love at First Touch for These Parents-To-Be #GE https://t.co/O9gY2RwoKF https://t.co/meLowjCGYt

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Helen Dunne

RT @Emmascloud: @CorpCommsMag @WE_UK thanks for great in-house #ccconf today. Really useful. Sorry I didn't stay, but I was holding back ge…

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Helen Dunne

RT @MacarthurAnna: Not so much stories you want to tell but the stories your audience want to hear, is my take home message from @CorpComms

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I cannot think of a single instance in my career when a decision to engage has not made things better in the long run
Matt Peacock, group director of corporate affairs, Vodafone

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