Enter the CorpComms Awards 2017

Enter the CorpComms Awards 2017...

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McDonald's is most shortlisted company at CorpComms Awards

Ranking the most shortlisted in-house communicators at the CorpComms Awards
Article CorpComms Awards

Teneo Blue Rubicon ranks top of most shortlisted agencies at CorpComms Awards

The most shortlisted agencies over the last 12 years since the CorpComms Awards began

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Helen Dunne

Trainy McTrainface: Swedish rail firm approves name following online poll

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Helen Dunne

RT @MrAlexLawson: Props to Starbucks (I know) - amusing response to Lucy Kellaway's bullshit busting

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Helen Dunne

LinkedIn sends me an update from the National Trust, an organisation that it describes as 'similar to yours'. Well I am a bit of an antique!

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Helen Dunne

RT @Reebok: In case you were wondering when it IS appropriate to say, "You're in such good shape...beautiful,"... THIS:…



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I cannot think of a single instance in my career when a decision to engage has not made things better in the long run
Matt Peacock, group director of corporate affairs, Vodafone

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