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The issue of plastic

Recycling may not be the answer to the issue of plastic

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Article Professional development

Picture for in-house communications function is mixed

Survey reveals in-house communicators have a long way to go to win respect throughout organisation

Article Professional development

Corporate affairs directors are good on vision but weak on detail

New report suggests senior communications professionals are often viewed as poor communicators by their executive colleagues


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Helen Dunne

RT @keithhann: The last person who tried to analyse my mind quit psychiatry to become a lion tamer. https://t.co/NGEiLFpcW8

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Helen Dunne

New report from Russell Reynolds analyses the minds of corporate affairs directors https://t.co/paYml3MESS

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Helen Dunne

Before anyone mentions it, I am aware of the irony of a cover story on subject of single use plastic in magazine wr… https://t.co/MzTBzWCC0L

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Helen Dunne

RT @Calacus: I am a grammar obsessive - can't argue with any of these via @CorpCommsMag https://t.co/vBV4MJqm5S https://t.co/vlfNVp0sfr



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